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Discover the difference. Craftmanship.

Since 1972, we have offered turn-key building services of the highest quality at competitive rates. We have earned a reputation for high quality craftsmanship and excellent service. Fully insured and licensed, we provide the benefits of experience and the security of an established, successful company to our customers. Please visit our photo galleries to view examples of our custom homes, historic reproductions, and custom millwork.

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Becker Home Building

Details That Differentiates Us

You will fully appreciate living in a home we built. You will feel the difference in our homes every day. The difference is in the detail and our homes have a unique attention to it. Sometimes, it’s subtle. Sometimes, it’s clear. But, it’s always there.

Hutchins Stairs

Work That Stands Out

You will know when you drive past a home we built. And, when you walk inside, it’s even more obvious. You know when you are in one of our homes because there is a unique attention to detail that stands out.